Born in Bogota, Colombia my parents and I immigrated to the West Suburbs of Chicago (Melrose Park) while I was still a child. I’ve always enjoyed drawing since I was little, as much as I wanted to pursue my passion for art it was always pushed aside because I never saw anyone around me be successful as an “Artist”. I slowly gravitated to the idea of being my own boss instead and opening up my own business but had no idea doing what. Going into freshman year of high school I found a new love for clothes and thought maybe fashion was the route for me. This led to the creation of ‘Adfectus’ @adfchi, my streetwear line that I started with @SquaredHill, the brand taught me how to create my own artwork that would eventually be printed. From time to time I would mess with various softwares creating designs and cartoons for my own pleasure that got the attention of some people around me. Never in my life did I think that I could be an "Artist" but life has a way of having things come back full circle and as much as I love it now I know that if I was encouraged by someone to take it more seriously when I was younger I could be way better. So my whole thing is that I want to encourage others to follow that first dream they had no matter who doubted you, if you love it and it's in the back of your mind constantly it’s what you’re meant to do with your life.